Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Snow Pics

We were so excited about the little amount we had in the previous pictures, we had no idea we would wake up to this the next morning!

Coach got ambushed in the Great Snowball War of 2010

I've never seen snow like this in our little corner of the world. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! It didn't last long, but we sure had fun while it was here. It was a nice little treat, but now I'm ready for Spring. I honestly don't see how people put up with the cold, slush and sludge for extended periods of time.
This Southern girl COULD NOT HANDLE IT!


jmac said...

Good Form on the snow angel front, cbabes!!! I have to tell you my snow angel know I had to make 'em! Over and over again. Only I did them at 12:30 AM!! Lying in bed that night of the snowfall, I thought..hmmmmm,knowing our weather patterns, I may go to bed and it will all be gone when I get up. SO. Up, outa the bed, sophiejane and I head out to the yard to make our angels!!! Little did I know that when I woke up the next morning, there would be 4 more inches!!!
I'm with you. A full day of playing in the snow made me happy to have it melt in the sunshine only a day later!!
Us hot mamas need our heat, humidity and sunshine, eh?!!!

shellycoulter said...

Beautiful pics. Just came across your blog & thought I'd say hi!

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