Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beach Therapy

We're just getting back in from a wonderful vacation in Florida. We spent the first part of our trip at Disney World...don't let anyone lie to you about it being the Happiest Place on Earth, it was miserable! Well, miserably hot anyway.  We did have a great time, I mean it is Disney World after all, but I knew it was going to be a rough few days when my flipflops started to melt as I walked down Main Street! 

After we survived Disney, we headed to Daytona Beach for a couple of days. We had never been there before and since it was so close to Orlando, we decided to check it out. What a hole that place is! I'm sure it was a happening place back in the 60's and it looks like nothing has changed since then! The place we stayed was very, shall be say, vintage. I'm sure Elvis must have had a blast there at one time. At least it was clean and we found lots to laugh about while we were there. Daytona has more than it's fair share of odd people. Really odd people. The beach was nice though, so we stayed outside as much as possible and made the most of our time there...and swore up and down never to return!

This little Knucklehead got to show off his hoop tricks for the crowd at Magic Kingdom, while everyone garthered for the Electrical Parade.

This little Punkette had more fun than she could handle!

After Daytona, we headed back a little closer to home to our beloved Redneck Riviera , the Gulf Coast. We stayed at Gulf Place Cabanas in Santa Rosa Beach, between Seaside and Destin. It was pure Heaven! I would highly recommend it if you're in need of a nice little getaway. The water was clear and warm and the sugar white sand was just perfect.  We had a beautiful little condo called "Pottery Barn" and enjoyed several days of true relaxation before heading home.

I literally took hundreds of photos. I'm just now starting to download them all, so I'll post a few here and there as I get a chance. While you wait, you can start helping me think of names for our new beach condo. Coach and I enjoyed our time on the beach so much, that we've just about decided to buy a condo of our own. Seriously. So I'm open to name suggestions!


jmac said...

That's where we were!! Between destin and seaside....spent several days at seaside and enjoyed great restaurants there.
Where??? will your condo be??? Came very close to pulling the trigger myself on one! Heheh...get outa my head, cbabes!!
Glad your vaca was fun!!

Jane said...

Disney is fun...especially with the kids. Glad you had a magical time. Daytona is NOT one of my favorite places...Yes, in its heyday, it was a happening place. But for families, you need to go north to St Augustine or south to New Smyrna or Cocoa. And in between, there are a lot of delightful places. My favorite is near St A...Crescent Beach. Cars are allowed, so are dogs...and it's wide beaches, great sand, and beautiful!
Jane (artfully graced)

Virginia said...

Looks like an awesome time. And I am amazed that you had your kids in white and managed to take a photo of them before they got completely filthy. Georgia would take approximately 2 minutes before finding something to drastically stain her white clothing. ;)

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