Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Pics!

The snow was fun for a few hours, but now we're ready for Spring!

 Snowboarding on the hill in our backyard.

View from the kitchen window this morning.

Sledding on the hill at our football practice field.

Miss Priss has had enough. She's a beach girl like her mama!

Coach suiting up for some fun in the snow.

Ready to hibernate until it's flipflop weather again!


jmac said...

Tell ms. c that I'm with her! All this puttin' on clothes and takin' em entirely too much work. I'm headed to Florida tomorrow where the temps have been in 80's and sunny all this week. Guess what it's gonna do next week?
40s and rainy. Whatru gonna do?
Come on spring.....gimme my triple digits. I will not gripe!!!

Virginia said...

That's crazy! I was looking at Janey's snow pictures also...

Love the last photo of your girl. That's so sweet.

jmac said...

Really? two months this time? am I gonna have to beg you all yr long? AND..I heard thru one of our mutual friends that you spent your spring break in FL????
Perfect seqway........snow pics straight into beach pics!!!!!!
How 'bout it?
love ya more than dirt, girlie!!

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