Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My little vegetable garden is a dried up mess. With the triple digit heat and lack of rain, it didn't stand a chance this year. I'm sad about it. However, our sunflowers have never been more beautiful!

I'm in the middle of tackling a big reupholstery project that I'll share later this week. For now, here are a few sunflower pics to enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!


Virginia said...

I swear! All these posts, it's like Christmas in July!

(I was totally pronouncing it JEW-LY in my head, like my granny used to).

Virginia said...

Oh yeah, and your photos are astounding. As usual. :) I'm particularly impressed how you seem to get awesome shots in broad daylight.

jmac said...

wha?????????????????? can it be?? my ol buddy, ol friend, ol/young chick who used to blog??????
Oh MY!!! just happened to see your name on ms. V's blogroll and was shocked....but, oh so happy! Cannot wait to catch up with you and see those precious kiddos again. Miss you and that crazy sense of humor so much!!!!

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