Monday, May 17, 2010

And they're off!!!

Because Coach and I are such stellar role models, we decided to take the Knuckleheads to the horse track on Mother's Day weekend and teach them how to place a bet and play the odds. We're all about having well rounded kids. Learning to gamble is an important life

It was actually Family Fun Day at Lone Star Park and was very kid friendly, with lots of fun activities for the little ones. We did place a few bets (we won a whooping $1.28 on Little Miss Know It All), but we spent most of our time riding ponies, hanging out at the petting zoo and jumping from one bouncy house to the next.

This little Knucklehead got more excited about the races than I expected! He spent a lot of time going over the odds, circling his picks and I even caught him doing lots of finger crossing during the races! It was hilarious and a bit troubling.

Coach did a bit of his own studying of the odds and information. Despite his research, I convinced him to bet on The Girl's A Saint to win it all...she didn't.

Despite our losing record on the track, we had a great day. The kids got to experience a new adventure and we all got to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful Texas sunshine!

The best part of the day was when I returned home to find that my sweet little family had taken me away for the day so some fancy landscape company could come to our house and surprise me with totally revamped landscaping! They weeded all my flowerbeds, trimmed all the shrubs, pruned the trees, put in new hydrangas (my favorite!) and annuals, added new mulch, etc. It was the PERFECT Mother's Day gift for me. I had a great day out with the family and someone else did all the hard work I had been dreading for weeks!

Looks like I was a big winner after all!!!


jmac said...

I wanna see pics of your yard!!!!
Know what? My boyfriend did that exact same thing for me when I was teaching....and you're right. BEST gift ever!!!
Love eversomuch that you're teaching that little dude the important things in life....reading the tip sheets!! Next time you come this way, we could take him to the casino and see how his luck goes!!! Heheheh...

Virginia said...

Awesome about the landscaping company. And the idea of your kiddos getting in the betting is cracking me up.

My granny (she'd kill me if she heard me call her that) used to take me to the dogtracks and casinos in Florida. By the age of 3 I had learned how to deal blackjack. By the age of 5 I'd learned how to deal from the bottom of the deck. :)

Mavis said...

Great Post :)

I've always wanted to go to the race track... I think my kids would love it.

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