Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Mode

Woohoo....there's only 17 days until the kids are out of school for the Summer and Coach just finished up Spring Ball! I don't know who is more excited, me or them. I love the freedom that Summer brings the Gridiron Gang. We spend the majority of the year in overdrive, but soon we'll have our time to just relax and have fun.

The kids are already in Summer mode. It's getting harder and harder to get them out the door for school each morning. They're requesting popcicles, playing in the sprinklers and even went swimming for a few hours last Sunday. The pool is still a little chilly for me, but they were more than ready to take the plunge. The temps are supposed to reach the 90s this week, so maybe by this weekend I'll be ready to join them. Until then, I think I'll just grab a big glass of sweet tea, head out to the hammock and wait.

Dancing in the sprinklers


Jane said...

Great photos!
I still love to dance in the sprinklers!!!

Jane (artfully graced)

Diana said...

Great pics! Enjoyed another visit here; it's been awhile.

Virginia said...

I have great envy. We just got back from Puerto Rico (nice and warm) to NYC where it is 40 FRICKEN DEGREES.

Stupid weather.

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