Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Official!

As of this morning...

This view officially belongs to the Gridiron Gang!

We bit the bullet and bought a condo in Panama City Beach. It's something we've thought about for years, and the time was finally right. We love the Gulf Coast and go every year, so we decided it's the perfect place to have a second home. We bought a bank owned unit that has been completely stripped down, so I'm heading down tomorrow to start furnishing/decorating a completely clean slate. I only have one week...pray for my sanity! I had all the floors cleaned and tile sealed yesterday, today the painters arrived and tomorrow all the new appliances should be delivered. Hopefully by the time I get there, I can just start having fun picking out new furniture and adding some special touches.
I'm very excited, but a little nervous about getting it all done in time. I can't believe we're starting this little adventure right as football is back in full swing! This project falls firmly in the catagory of "WHAT WERE WE THINGING?"
Oh well, I guess after we wrap up another crazy football season we can go relax at our new condo on the beach!

~Gridiron Girl

P.S. I've got to keep this baby rented when we're not using it, so if any of you ever find yourselves in need of a little getaway...I can hook you up!


jmac said...

Whoa Babee!!!!!! YAY for new beach lover owners!! and when can I go? hahahahahahaha!! Seriously. I need info on pricing, location and when can the fun begin??
Very happy for ya'll!!

jmac said...

Ok...I've been patient enough. Now I wanna see pics of the new playhouse........plz..pretty plz!!

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