Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Festival

It's a rare occurrence that we get an opportunity to have a lazy Saturday during football season. The kids and I NEVER miss a home game, we drive to all the away games that are within a reasonable distance, and I travel with the team to far away games. This past Saturday, we chose to skip a game. To be honest, we were all tired...really really tired and we needed a break . The team had to travel 8 hours by bus to the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma. If there was ever a game to skip, this was the one. Coach gave us his blessing, hopped on the bus and rode off into battle. The kids and I camped out in the backyard Friday night. We ate too much kettle corn, toasted with apple cider, read a stack of library books, listened to the high school football game in the distance, played games, made shadow puppets, told stories and all fell asleep by 9pm. It was WONDERFUL!
Until we all woke up freezing at 4am and took off in a mad dash for the house in search of our warm beds.

On Saturday, we stayed in our pajamas until noon. Again, WONDERFUL! Then we got ready and headed out to a little fall festival. The kids played carnival games, we walked the scarecrow trail and got some yummy hamburgers from one of the church booths. It was such a lovely day and the Knuckleheads were looking so cute, that we decided on a little impromptu photo session. The arboretum and town square were beautifully bedecked for Fall, so I couldn't resist getting some cute pumpkin pics!

We had a fabulous day and made it home in time to hear Coach give us a shout out on his radio show. We then spent the next three hours yelling at the radio, cheering our team on to another big victory!


Virginia said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad you had a day to yourselves.

I can't believe how big your kids are getting and how much they look like you. Craziness.

jmac said...

Your kids get more beautiful by the day! and ya know what? they will remember that night in the backyard their whole lives!! Last weekend, I overheard one of my boys telling someone about the night I woke them up at 2am to go lie in the grass and watch the meteor shower!! Could not believe they remembered that and even told the story to their friends!! And he's 29 yrs old now!!!!

Dee said...

You have the cutest knuckleheads ever! My husband also works in sports and so we often have to wave to him (on the television) while he's working.

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