Monday, November 30, 2009

Trying to catch up....

Finally, I have a little time to sit down and catch my breath. I hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day! Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, full of family, fun and way too much fabulous food. I am actually tired of eating. I may not cook for a week! Coach is on the road recruiting and I think the kids can survive on cereal and pudding cups.

Actually, as good as not cooking for a week sounds, it's too late. I have a big pot of bean soup on the stove right now. I couldn't help it! We had a big beautiful ham bone left over from Thanksgiving and it's really cold outside today. You just can't ignore some things, it had to be done!

Speaking of leftovers, I have to rave about my fried turkey gumbo! On Thanksgiving day, Coach fried up a turkey to perfection and we ate it until we had our fill. Then, Big Daddy pulled all the remaining meat off the bone for me, on Saturday I made a fried turkey and smoked sausage gumbo that was out of this world! We normally serve gumbo over rice, but I tried it over some leftover cornbread dressing and it was yummy. I think we just started a new tradition. Fried turkey gumbo and day full of football is a winner in our book!

We started decorating for Christmas on Saturday and we're still not finished. I started out strong, but I still have several boxes of stuff left to unpack and I'm kinda over it. I was hoping Santa's elves would have finished while I slept last night, but no dice. I guess I better get off the computer and get it finished.

Before I go, I have some wonderful news to share. My third child will be delivered later this week. (I know, I was shocked too!) I can't wait for you all to meet her...I think she's going to weight about 3 lbs, she's black and shiny, sharp and fast! I haven't decided on a name just yet.

Okay...Okay.... it's a camera, but I just know I'm going to love it almost as much as my children. It's the Nikon D700, the camera of my dreams. It's the camera I've considered selling an internal organ to acquire. And now, thanks to the generosity of my loving and super supportive parents, that baby will be mine in just a few days! "Thank you" just doesn't seem good enough to express my graditude to my Mom and Dad for giving me such a wonderful gift.


P.S. My daddy did try to bribe with a $1500 lens if I would actually give them one more grandbaby. I flatout told him no, but the longer I think about that sweet lens..............maybe.............just maybe................
My answer still stands! Nice try, Daddy-O!


jmac said...

Where do I find the huge font dealy???? OMG....OMG...OMG! You just scared the beejesus outa me...first, I thought adoption(cuz no way could you and coach ever have a black haired child..but then the 3 lb thing made me think of dog. Then I remembered the cussing you did the day I was at your house about a white dog digging your yard up and I thought, nah...
Whew! ok. I'm back on track now. Whew. Your big mama and big daddy must really, really love you, girlfriend! YAY! on the d700. If I were a "nikon" user, that'd be my route. Can't wait to see what you produce with it...and learning it will be half the fun!
My turkey gumbo is on the stove as I type...we must be on the same wavelength...AGAIN!!!
gonna be in dallas tomorrow...wanna join us at Nick & Sams?

Virginia said...

bahahahha... OMG. Wine snarfed out the nose...

Criminy, when are men ever going to learn that bribes and childbirth don't mix?

Congrats on the camera, by the way. Am jealous. Well, I would be if I knew anything about cameras, anyway.

Jane said...

Wow! What a generous gift! Your parents rock!

So glad you did not fall for that bribe...actually, our third child brought a new life into our whole, extended family. And today, he is still the most wonderful and hilarious young man to be around.

I'd love to know how to make your turkey gumbo. Will you please share your recipe?
Jane (Artfully Graced)

Diana said...

I am in the market for a new camera. Email me sometime with a review!

Art Garden Diva said...

Wow, just found your delightful blog and had to comment...very cool about the camera, although I was a professional photographer in the film days, and was thrilled when I could actually afford two Haselblads and the lenses! Wow, how things have changed since digital!

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