Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen - Golden Shy Lasagna

Yeah, I have NO IDEA why my Knuckleheads decided to name their lasagna creation Golden Shy Lasagna. These are the same two that named the fish, Spirit Clobby Bullcow & Lion. I've learned to not ask too many questions and just roll with it, so Golden Shy Lasgana it is!

Anyway, I made the sauce and pretty much gave them  free range of all the other ingredients and assembly. The dish could have easily been called RicottaPestoParmesanMozzarellaCheddarColbyJackGarlicOnionOregano Lasagna, so I guess I'm glad they just went with Golden Shy.

My Knuckleheads LOVE helping out in the kitchen and it's been really fun to see their skills improve. As expected, they made a HUGE mess, but honestly the lasagna was delicious! They were SO PROUD of themselves, they ate it all up and asked for seconds.

Now if I could just teach them to do the dishes!

1 comment:

Groupo said...

Sounds nice, as its a new experiment, there might be the possibility of chidren's taste towards this fodd. Let me know the feedback.

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