Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

Since my friend, Miz Janey, has insisted in her "teacher voice" that I get back to blogging pronto, I figured I better get something new posted right away. I finally finished the yearbook. (THANK YA, JESUS!)
If I ever raise my hand to volunteer again, I seriously hope someone will slap me. I spend the majority of my time doing projects for other people and rarely get around to finishing all my own projects. No more, I tell ya! For those of you who know me well, stop rolling your eyes. Seriously, NO MORE VOLUNTEERING. 

Now, on to more fun things...

My little scout earned his Tiger Cub badge on Monday night and bridged over to the Wolf pack. He is very excited about all the new projects he gets to work on. My eccentric little genius is all about projects. He loves to study, create and tinker...Cub Scouts is perfect for him! In other Knucklehead news, he has given up baseball to tackle tennis this Spring. He's having a blast learning the game and he's pretty good too. I loved watching him play baseball, but I'm secretly thrilled that we don't have that major time commitment to deal with right now. Baseball = 4 nights a week / Tennis = 1 night a week. (So YAY!) 
As for my sweet little Punkette, she seems to get taller, smarter and more beautiful by the day. I can't believe it's time to get her registered for Kindergarten in a couple of weeks! She's only making the age cutoff by 5 days. Although she'll be the youngest in her class, she's more than ready. I think having a super smart older sibling that loves to spend time with her and help teach her new things has been wonderful for her. She's already reading like a champ and loves doing math. Sorry to brag so much...but it's true! I have some totally awesome kiddos, who drive me bananas on a daily basis, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world! They are just growing up too fast and I want to slow down and savor every moment. Remind me of that when I'm feeling guilty for not volunteering anymore!

Coach is busy with Spring Training. The team looks better and stronger than ever before. They seem to be really focused and I can tell they all have a championship on their minds. I love Spring Ball. It's the most relaxed time of the year for a coaching family and there's so much possibility for an exciting season ahead. Of course, Spring Ball also means we only have a few weeks until we're off for the summer! I've been counting the days until Summer break since January.

As for me, I've been booking a few photo sessions here and there. Haven't been able to get out a lot with all the crazy weather (such is the life of an outdoor photographer), but things are definitely starting to pick up with the beautiful Spring days we've been blessed with lately. I finally got my garden planted and am thrilled to see new things spouting up everyday. I can already tell I planted too much basil again, so all my friends and family can get ready for another Summer of abundant pesto! Not that too much pesto is a bad thing. Yummmmmmmm, pesto.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We did! The little Knuckleheads wouldn't slow down long enough for a nice Easter pic, so the above photo is as good as it gets this year. The cobbler's children had no shoes....The photographer's children had no fancy photos.

~Gridiron Girl


jmac said...

Bout time!! You don't realize how I love reading about the munchkins and seeing your wowza photos! Glad yu heard my shoutout.
Cannot believe how tall ms. thang has gotten. And precious and looks just like you. And mr? well, a very cool dude.
As usual.......great shots!

Virginia said...

Oh, they're both beautiful! What a gorgeous couple of kids.

And I'm glad you're back!!!!!!!!! :)

Have missed you.

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

Glad to read that your Spring Ball is going well! My Coach said last night, "I'm so busy... I feel like we're in season again!"

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