Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adventures in the "Willy Tree"

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It's hot as sin here in East Texas today. The house needs cleaning and the laundry needs doing, but I don't want to deal with any of it. In my effort to cool off and avoid housework, I fixed myself a big glass of sweet tea and went outside to hang out in the Willow Tree with my little Knuckleheads. I know I've told you all before how much my kids love the Willy Tree, but it just gets better and better. The bigger they get, the higher they climb. The adventures are never ending. We've been considering building them an actual playhouse, but I don't think they'd get out of the tree long enogh to enjoy it.

While I was hanging out in the tree with the kids, we started to make big plans for Willy. First we decided he needed a face. I just happened to remember that I snagged the face off our Oak tree in New Orleans before we moved and it had been living in the attic ever since. So I climbed out of the tree and into the attic, moments later I descended with a face for Willy.

Next, we decided that we needed a better form of communication while they were up in the tree. Better than me standing on the back porch yelling for them to come in for dinner. What we needed was Tree Mail!

An old soup can, some string and few stinkers would do the trick! Now Coach and I can leave them special little notes and treats that they can retrieve while perched on their branches. My first message to them was a thank you note for letting me play in their tree and a few pieces of bubble would have thought it was Christmas morning! They are over the moon about Willy's new mail service.

Checking the Tree Mail.

This little Punkette goes higher and higher everyday!

I love that they love their Willy Tree and I love that they let me be a part of the their adventures. When I was little, I spent hours in the big Mimosa tree in our front yard and have such great memories of all the fun I had. I hope that when they're older, they'll remember how much fun they had together with Willy.

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