Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Decorating for Halloween

I've been trying for a week to get a picture of this super creepy, yet strangely beautiful, spider that's taken up residency on our back patio. She didn't seem to mind if I came in close for look at her amazing work, but the second I would pull out the camera, she would run off and hide... camera shy I guess. Late yetserday evening, I was finally able to snap a quick shot of her while she was too busy spinning her web to notice me.    


Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh ICK ICK ICK!! If that creepy thing were in my house I would pack up and leave until someone could kill it! Since it is in your yard I can't blame you for being curious, but I personally would have sat in my hosue and used the zoom, lol!

Virginia said...

Very cool!

And so appropriate for Halloween. :)

jmac said...

and you beat me to the punch..I got a shot of a green one on my back porch that I was saving for Spook Day...guess I'll have to get it out now...heheheheheheh!!
I don't wanna be more sceered than you!!

Katy said...

Very scary but oh so pretty and cool! She's looking busy alrighty! Awesome shot... so colorful!

BigMama said...

Your spider MAY be beautiful, and it is awesome how they spin their webs, BUT, she needs to move along and not scare my munchkins!!!!!

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