Monday, October 19, 2009

Just A Game

I'm so glad that these little Knuckleheads still think that it's just a game. I love that they're always smiling and having fun no matter what the scoreboard says. If you look closely you'll see all the empty bleachers around them. We have to sit by ourselves when our team isn't doing so well. I don't want them to see all the people screaming at our players and saying bad things about their Daddy. Mostly, I don't want them to see Mama punch somebody in the face for saying bad things about Daddy and the team that she loves so much. (I wouldn't really do that, but sometimes I'd like to)! ;-)  Most people just don't get that it's not just a game, football is a big business and it's what puts food on our table and shoes on our feet. My husband and his team work long, hard hours and put in more blood, sweat and tears than most people could ever imagine. The coaches go out there and put their jobs on the line every Saturday and the players are fighting for their futures.
So no it's not just a game, but for now I'm okay with my Knuckleheads thinking it is.

~Gridiron Girl


jmac said...

I think you should throw some of that roasted garlic at the people who say bad things about the coach...oh wait, that would be a huge waste of yummy roasted garlic.
I think he's doing a super job, regardless of the scores...he's teaching those kids lessons that will carry them to a successful life. Boo Hiss Hiss on those fairweather fans!

Virginia said...

Why does the idea of you punching people in the face amuse me so g.d. much?

How did Teamname do this time?

GridironGirl said...

Teamname started out the season really strong, but we've lost a couple of big games that we were expected to win. We have a young team, we've had a flu outbreak and we're suffering from a lot of injuries right now. It's frustrating, but things will get better if we can get them all healthy.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I can't imagine how hard that must be. I was a 'band mom'... and it would burn me up when others wouldn't give them respect.
You have a great attitude!

Anonymous said...

I was a college football coach's wife for ten years and it was the hardest job I ever did. It is really difficult to give up your husband for 8 months a year, for EVERYONE to be a critic. The bright side is being around young people, so just enjoy!

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