Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall in Full Bloom

I'm working on some more intersting posts, but I wanted to hurry and get up some new pics for those of you who are tired of looking at my spooky spider.

As I walked around the yard yesterday evening (let's discuss that more in a minute), I couldn't get over how beautiful my flowers were looking after all the rain and mild temps. Just a couple of weeks ago they were tired and fading from a long, hot summer. They have obviously been refreshed and are now putting on quite a show! We may not have all the beautiful changing leaves that so many of you get to enjoy each Fall, but our view is not so shabby either!

So back to the walking around the yard business...
It's just something we Southern ladies do, we walk around our yards and admire our stuff. My Grandmother did it, my Mom does it, I do it. We grab a glass of sweet tea or cup of coffee and we wander around the yard admiring the flowers, filling bird feeders, checking in on our spiders and the little lizards and frogs that live in our gardens. We cut frest flowers to bring in the house, we dig up bulbs to share with friends and we baby the roses that have been passed down for several generations. It's not uncommon at all to go outside in our jammies and rubber boots, and we couldn't care less if the neighbors see us, because they're just out admiring their yards too!

When I go back to Louisiana to visit my parents, there two things I can always count on, a delicious meal waiting on the stove and a walk around the yard with my Mom. She's pretty amazing when it come to beautiful yards, I swear she can take a dead stick and make it bloom! So, as much as I enjoy walking around my own yard, there's nothing I like more than going home and having a stroll with my Mom. It's just what we do. : )

And for the record, all the flower photos on this post were taken in my yard yesterday, so just maybe my Mama's green thumb is starting to rub off on me!



Virginia said...

Lovely! My mom still walks around her yard admiring her stuff, even though she's in Oregon now...

I miss doing that.

And those colors on your photos! Gorgeous!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Beautiful! All my flowers are wilted thanks to the snow. I guess I'll enjoy your colorful blooms for the next 6 months or so *sigh*

she said...

You are so talented - your flowers and your photos are gorgeous. Makes me want to move to East Texas - you guys suck all the moisture out of the air before it gets to Dallas!

Love your blog, stumbled on it from Facebook. I'm gonna add you to my blogs - feel free to check mine out.

Gina Marie said...

These pictures are beautiful!! I love all the Halloween Stuff as well!!

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