Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Little Tiger Cub and His Biggest Fan

I'm one tired mama this morning! We spent last night running from one event to another, celebrating the accomplishments of our little Tiger Cub. First we attended his school's Honor Reception, where he received an award for A Honor Roll. There was cake, it was good! Next, we went to his Cub Scout meeting where he earned a handful of new badges. Great. Do you know how hard it is to sew those thick badges on the uniform? My fingers are still bleeding from then last batch! Now where's my glue gun?!

I really am proud of the little Knucklehead, he's pretty awesome... just ask his little sister. Now if we could just get him to earn that ribbon for Excellent Conduct! Unfortunately, our boy has clinched the title of Class Clown...like father, like son. Oh well, at least they're both super smart and mighty handsome!

~Gridiron Girl


Virginia said...

Very handsome kiddo.

Congratulations, mama!

As far as the badge sewing goes, try using a sewing machine. Just make sure you get the right type of needle...

jmac said...

Oh my...do I EVER remember the badge sewing. There will be more..wait till the baseball ones..they're huge!! And when I taught high school,I was the designated uniform fixer...ugh.
Your kids are gorgeous!!

Katy said...

That pic of him and the pretty girl on the right. Priceless! So reminds me of his daddy there! Just too cute and such a character!

Diana said...

Those days can wear you out. Enjoyed the photos; they are so cute!

Come back when you get a chance. You need to link up that dessert over at my place for a giveaway that's going on.

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