Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crafty Kids ~ Melted Crayon Art

We had accumulated quite a collection of dull, broken crayons that I was ready to toss in the trash. Just as I was about to throw them out, I remembered a fun craft that I use to do as a kid ~ melted crayon art!
I put all the crayon pieces in a plastic zipper bag and let the kids hammer, stomp and dance on them until they were all broken up into little pieces. It actually works best if you make crayon shavings with a pencil sharpener or grater, but ours were too far gone to use either method.

Once we had our crayons crushed, I gave each little Knucklehead a piece of wax paper folded in half and let them sprinkle on the crayons pieces. I then sandwiched the waxpaper between two paper towels and ran a hot iron over it to melt the crayons.Once the melted crayons cooled, I helped the kids cut out some fun shapes and then they added colorful pipecleaners for extra decoration.

The kids LOVED this quick little project! It kept them occupied for an hour and I managed to score a few coolness points.

~Gridiron Girl


jmac said...

I think I have tears in my eyes!! I SO remember doing this as a child and when I was a day camp counselor during the summers...I would do this with the kids!! So many memories....and you've just made a super one with your babies, too!! ~sniff, sniff~

Annie said...

love your new blog crawbabes! cute stuff!

Kristen said...

OMG, I just discovered your blob and have gone back and read every post. I love it!!! It's so good to hear about you and your family. I cannot even believe how big the knuckleheads are!! Bookmarking this right now...

Julie said...

GG... Love the Blob! I remember making stuff with melted crayons as a kid, too. I was just thinking about this recently as I talked about crayons with my own babygirl. So much fun reliving all those good times and simple pleasures.

clisa said...

Hi Janna! I love love love the new blog!

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