Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!

I know I'm a few days late, but I just couldn't bring myself to post it when it was still 90 degrees outside. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a chilly 59. Finally, Autumn has arrived in East Texas! Being that we live in the South, there's a good chance we'll be sweating and jumping in the pool again before the weekend arrives. So, I fully intend to embrace these beautiful Fall days while they're here.

I've flung open all the windows, hauled my Fall decorations down from the attic and put a big pot of homemade chili on to cook. Now I'm going to go pour myself a glass of apple cider, grab the lastest issue of Southern Living and have a little hammock time under the willow tree before the Knuckleheads get home from school.

 ~Gridiron Girl

1 comment:

Virginia said...

Ha! I totally forgot it was still fall. I kept thinking it was still summer.

You're so organized. :) I can't even imagine having fall decorations, let along remembering to bring them down from the attic.

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