Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh, the pressure!

I'm really too much of a perfectionist for all this blogging business. I know it's going to drive me crazy. I need it to be just right, and these days I don't have time for just right. I only have time for it will have to do for now. I'm married to a college football coach, we have two wonderfully wild little knuckleheads, I'm trying to get a new photography business off the ground, I can't see over the stacks of laundry that have piled up, my garden is overgrown and I have a problem with volunteering too much. We live a crazy life! It's the good kind of crazy, but still....

I've set up this new little blog as a landing spot for all the photos I never get around to printing, the recipes I never get around to sharing, the craft projects that all seem to be half-finished, and the Monday morning quarterbacking that my dear husband would rather me share with the world than with him. He already knows that I can't stand it when they run the ball up the middle, now you're lucky enough to know it too!

If I ever manage to get my act together, I plan to post lots of yummy recipes, fun photos and Knucklehead updates in the coming days. For now I'm off in a mad dash to be one of the first in line for after-school kid collection. I'm all about the little victories.

~Gridiron Girl

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wiwwa said...

Looks great- I'm bookmarking now! Looking forward to your beautiful photography and keeping up on your adventures!

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