Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Super Fly Guy


For those of you who know me well, it's no shocker that I love a good costume. Just a few months ago I was parading around New Orleans as Hizzoner Ray Nagin. I have boxes full of boas, masks, wigs and all kinds of crazy get-ups. On any given day of the year you can find glitter in my carpet. I'm a Mardi Gras girl and costuming is in my blood.

Since moving to Small Town, Texas I don't get many opportunies to wear or design costumes, so I was thrilled when my boy child came home from school and informed me he needed a fly outfit for a class performance of "Down by the Bay".

I was a mom with a mission. A glue gun, and glitter, and pipecleaners...Oh my! I was determined to make my boy a super fly guy! I didn't have much time and my supplies were limited, but with a wire hanger, a pair of pantyhose and a couple of mesh drain covers, I managed to work a little magic.

I've got my glue gun reloaded and my glitter restocked...bring on Halloween!!!

~Gridiron Girl

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